The technical aspects of running a successful business go further than just building the website. The job doesn't stop there and neither do we!

Nor are these the sorts of jobs you will need to do 'just once'. They are repetitive tasks that you always need to stay on-top of. Running a business means successfully managing your IT infrastructure. Failing to do so, wasting too much time with this stuff or just plain getting it wrong is one of the main reasons why new business fail.


Let a Professional do it

In addition to building your website we can also look after it for you, managing all the technical aspects of running your business (All of them!) thus totally freeing you to concentrate on what you need to be doing. Just think about it, what is it worth to you not have to worry about all the various possible technical problems faced of running a business?

If you try and farm out these services to different providers you can easily get charged in excess of 5000 Euros (SEO for example is expensive even though it shouldn't be). And for this you don't get the biggest benefit of all, someone who already knows your business to bring it all together for you. Someone local you've already met, trust and who will always be there to help you plan the next step of your business.

Our managed services package are only available to clients using our web-hosting plan and starts at just 200 Euros a month for up to 5h of work/month for you on anything you need. That's enough to get most business up and running very smoothly. That's a staggering difference in price!


What do we do?

  • keep your site updated with your new content, you just provide it to us via email and we take care of the rest.
  • Monitor your site traffic, provide analytical insights into your visitors
  • Site maintenance. We keep your site updated with the latest patches, security updates, new technology.
  • Managed backups and restoration.
  • SEO. Keyword research, meta tagging, page descriptions and most important, the advice that matters when it comes to SEO.
  • Managed Newsletters. We not only manage this but ensure they are of top quality. A newsletter needs to be an interesting mix of both text and graphics with the same look and feel as the rest of your site and image. You write the content, we do the rest.


We grow with you

If you require more time spent working on your site per month we have the following pricing brackets:

  • 200 Euros a month buys you up to 5h of work/month.
  • 400 Euros a month buys you up to 10h of work/month.
  • 600 Euros a month buys you up to 15h of work/month.
  • and so on....

We have the same cancellation policy as with our basic hosting plan. You can cancel your service with us at any time and you will only be billed up to the day you were with us. If you leave we'll even provide you with a .zip of your entire site and database contents to help you move to a new hosting company.


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