Passionate Support

We firmly believe the best way to build a successful long-term business relationship is through the quality and level of service we provide for you. Thus our mantra, passionate support. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure you are more than satisfied with our work and continue to invest in our relationship.

Our mantra: Passionate Support.

Our goal is to build successful long-term business relationships.

Building a website, or a business and then keeping it running are two different things. Both, however, are extremely important.  Fail to keep your business running smoothly and you'll loese customers, simple as that.

We only offer our support package to our clients for whom we have already built their website. We built the website, so who better to look after it? Also you will already have seen the amount of dedication and commitment we put into building your website and get your business running. You make up your own mind. If you think you've found an exceptional partner then make the most of it! We will provide you with the same level of dedication and support to ensure that your business will grow.

What you can expect from us


When you will need our help we will be there. We will respond and in most cases, complete your support request within under 24hours. For urgent support (for example if you accidentally broke something) we will get it fixed within a matter of hours.


We put our expertise at your behalf so you don't need to worry about how to go about things. You need to grow your business. Add new functionality to your website. We will provide you with the best solution for your needs and ensure it is fully compliant and compatible with your existing infrastructure.


Through support tickets, our customer portal website, phone calls and account reviews, we always keep you informed and in the loop. If we know it, you know it.

Passionate Support is about going further

Passionate Support

Every business is built on a number of pillars, each one consists of numerous layers. Here, we've only showed your IT pillar; there are of course the others, marketing, financial, legal, logistics, etc.

Depending on your level of service, some of these layers will be transparent. That is, you know they're there but don't need to worry about them.

Most small businesses that start out with a basic hosting plan that will cover everything up to the application infrastructure layer. It's the way we started too. However this quickly gets exceedingly frustrating as you don't have access to the layers beneath, which can be extremely important when you need to change something.

It also leaves you having to actually build your business applications yourself. Or, more usually, outsource them to someone else, who will then give them back to you for you to integrate and manage.

Our Passionate Support is about covering the entire IT pillar. Again, this offer is only available to those customers for who we have already built your application layer. But now you can start to see where the sense of this comes in. By also providing support for all the layers that go beneath the application layer, we in effect become your entire IT department.

Once again, your entire IT department, outsourced! You no longer have to worry about any of the technical aspects of running your business, freeing you to concentrate on your core strengths and on growing your business!

If you think about it, that's a huge handful and worth a lot. But because we already know your application layer (having built it ourselves) and because we already manage our own dedicated servers (ours are hosted at Rackspace), we are in a perfect position to offer you this service for less than you would think!

For more information and for our pricing have a look at our managed service package!

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